ABCDEFGH: What it means to be human

We need to think big and be bold and to change some of the fundamental structures in the way the world works. Together with our Nigerian friend and good colleague Folarin Gbadebo-Smith, Lene Rachel Andersen has written the article ABCDEFG: What it means to be human. Here they list 8 challenges that we need to take into account if we … Read More

The Nordic Secret: New Edition!

By Lene Rachel AndersenNew Edition coming out on January 30th, 2024 This book is a must read for anybody who wants peace,well-being for all, and a meaningful future. Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations 2012–2016 Stay tuned for more info…

Polymodern Economics

We didn’t just publish Polymodernity to add another academic word to the vocabylary, but because a polymodern goal for civilization would allow us to solve complex problems in new ways. Such as creating an economy that works for everybody. Check out Lene Rachel Andersen’s article Polymodern Economics here:


The book was previously published under the title Metamodernity. This new version is 99% the same as the old, we just changed the name of the term metamodernity to polymodernity.


Danish version:

What is Bildung?

What is bildung? An introduction to bildung. The Erasmus+ project BILDUNG explores bildung in adult education across Europe 2020-2021. Read the booklet online and learn more about the project. There is also a 5-page-version that has been translated into 13 languages. Author, Lene Rachel Andersen.


Did you ever wonder why the Nordic countries are so prosperous, peaceful, good for business, and happy? They have a secret and it was invented in Denmark: folk-bildung. Bildung; Keep Growing tells the story of this Danish invention and suggests a path towards global folk-bildung and a wiser, more meaningful, happier future.


Metamodernity Paper by Lene Rachel Andersen Metamodernity has been renamed Polymodernity; articles will be updated shortly You can find the updated book Polymodernity: Meaning and Hope in a Complex World here: Metamodernity is an alternative to both modernity and postmodernism, a cultural code that presents itself as an opportunity if we work deliberately towards it. It is a vision, … Read More

The Bildung Rose

The Bildung Rose Paper by Lene Rachel Andersen Videos and podcasts about the Bildung Rose Bildung Rose Course Material