Let’s collaborate and shape the 21st Century

Are you in politics or public administration and are you finding it hard to navigate the rapid changes and define a direction?

Are you in the corporate business world and overwhelmed by the complexity and demand for results here and now, while the future seems to be in a fog?

Do you represent an NGO, a local community, and/or an educational institution and are you looking for “some kind of new educational material” but you cannot quite pinpoint what it should be?

From small start-ups to large companies, NGOs, and public institutions, Nordic Bildung’s models can become your tools for grasping the 21st Century.

We live in immensely challenging times, and it is overwhelming to all of us.

Nordic Bildung can provide you with a set of lenses through which to see the dynamics in the changes. We can also provide you and your organization with a frame of reference and a vocabulary that will allow you to discuss what matters with your colleagues in meaningful ways that match the challenges of our time.

You can join our Future Academy, we can help you develop your organization, and we can provide education for you and your colleagues or members. We also have books, papers, and a podcast that explore how do grasp and deal with the 21st century. And there is a Global Bildung Network that you can join.

Please reach out if you would like to hear more: