Better Bildung. Better Future.

Finding it hard to grasp the 21st Century?

Are you in politics or public administration, are you finding hard to navigate the rapid changes and define a direction?

Are you in the business world overwhelmed by the complexity and demand for results here and now, while the future is in a fog?

Do you represent an NGO, a local community, or an educational institution, and looking for “some kind of new teaching material” but you cannot pinpoint what it should be?

Nordic Bildung may have what you are looking for

Nordic Metamodern

The Nordic countries did very well during the modern era. Their secret? An approach to education called bildung.

Metamodernity is a possible future where we take the best from the past and the present, locally and globally, and turn it into a meaningful future for all.

Welcome to Nordic Metamodern where we explore an achievable utopia and bildung around the globe.

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