Join the Global Bildung Network and meet bildung friends and colleagues from around the globe.

Global Bildung Day, on Equinox in March and September, we arrange a worldwide gathering of bildung advocates, experts, teachers, and students.
European Bildung Day on Europe Day, May 9th, we arrange a conference focusing on bildung in Europe.

Latest Event

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Bildung Networks’ History

We started the European Bildung Network in August 2019 after hosting the first European Bildung Day on May 9th that same year.

When David Brooks wrote about Lene Rachel Andersen’s book The Nordic Secret in New York Times in February 2020, we were approached by several people from the US and initiated Zoom meetings across the Atlantic.

In 2020, we moved European Bildung Day online due to Covid 19, which meant that people started joining from several continents, and in 2021, we launched the Global Bildung Manifesto:

In April 2022, we set up the Global Bildung Network: