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Lene Rachel Andersen

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Get to know Nordic Bildung and our thinking through a keynote by Lene Rachel Andersen.

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Eminently sharp, well presented and with a dash of satire. LRA grasps the very big narratives and elegantly links them to the current context for the presentation and our conference: educational guidance during a paradigm shift. LRA’s introductory keynote gave us a start, which lifted the entire conference right from the beginning.

Pia Vigh
Youth Guidance, Denmark

When several students announce excitedly that they have plenty of notes from the presentation that they need to investigate further, I know that the presentation has been a success.

Merete Østergaard
Scandinavian Design College, Denmark

If you want to understand bildung, you need to understand something about everything. Which quickly becomes shallow. When Lene Rachel Andersen explains bildung, however, you see the full picture in a way that allows you to grasp the many facets of bildung, historically as well as regarding the future.

Lene Dammand Lund
Rector, the Royal Danish Academy, Denmark

This was so exciting, I just kept knitting and now the sock is too long…

Wonderful Grandma at a public presentation, Denmark