The Nordic Secret: New Edition!

By Lene Rachel AndersenNew Edition coming out on January 30th, 2024 This book is a must read for anybody who wants peace,well-being for all, and a meaningful future. Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations 2012–2016 Stay tuned for more info…

European Bildung Day 2024 May 7-9

European Bildung Day 2024 will be in Rotterdam May 7-8, and you can now sign up and buy your ticket here:!

Nordic Bildung Network June 2024

Together with other Nordic bildung organizations we will establish a Nordic Bildung Network in Helsinki on June 13. Read more about it here: And sign up here:

Global Bildung Day 2023 September 21

Join us for another trip around the globe on Global Bildung Day on September 21st: Education and AI; Bildung to the Rescue? UPDATE October 26: All videos from the event are now online here: and here:

Global Bildung Day 2023 March 21

Join us for an amazing trip around the globe exactly one week from now! The theme for this upcoming Global Bildung Day on March 21st is Bildung, Globalization, Nation, and Peoplehood in the 21st Century, and you can read more about it and sign up here:

Libertism 4 Danish Parliament

Tuesday, February 14th 2023 was not just the day we published Lene Rachel Andersen’s book Libertism in Danish in Denmark, we also donated a copy of the book to all 179 members of the Danish Parliament and their speaker. As you can tell, Lene Rachel Andersen is perfectly happy with a bit of practical work, here taking all the books … Read More

European Bildung Day 2023

European Bildung Day 2023; Tickets now available

European Bildung Day 2023 on May 7-9 will be in beautiful Vilnius, the geographical center of Europe. You can see the program and buy your ticket here: