Nordic Bildung Lexicon

Why not just use words everybody knows?

We live in a time of great changes, and the vocabulary of the previous century obviously does not suffice. This is particularly true regarding internet phenomena, but also new social, cultural, and environmental phenomena challenge us and our familiar vocabulary.

With so many new things happening, which people need to grasp and adjust to, we need new words and concepts to accomodate human meaning-making. Without them, it is hard to have meaningful conversations about the challenges we are facing.

In the Nordic Bildung Lexicon, we have gathered and explore the words that are both unfamiliar to many and central to what we do in Nordic Bildung and the Global Bildung Network.

If you come accross words in our books or lexicon that you would like us to explain here, please reach out.


Circles of Belonging (coming)
Complexity (coming)
Epistemology (coming)
Folk-Bildung (coming)
Imagined Community (coming)
Libertism (coming)
Pedagogics (coming)
Systems Thinking (coming)