Rethinking Education and Politics in Denmark

Nordic Metamodern
Nordic Metamodern
Rethinking Education and Politics in Denmark

In this episode you can meet:

Uffe Elbæk who has changed the landscape of education and politics in Denmark: he invented the 3-year program The Kaospilots and started the party The Alternative.

Kaospilot is a world-renowned school for creative leadership & meaningful entrepreneurship based in Aarhus, Denmark:

The Alternative is the green party and movement of Danmark. They work towards making Denmark the best country in and for the world: environmentally, socially and economically:

Lene Rachel Andersen has often been critical of Uffe Elbæk’s projects, now she explores what he was up to and what were the thoughts behind what he created.

Music by Vansire

The Triple Bottom Line mentioned in the episode:

More about Uffe:

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