Bildung, Identity, and Nordic Inspiration in Ukraine

Nordic Metamodern
Bildung, Identity, and Nordic Inspiration in Ukraine

In this episode you can meet:

Sergey Chumachenko, who experienced a folk high school in Sweden and decided to create one in Ukraine.

Mihail Krikunov, professor at Kyiv School of Economics and president of Bildung in Ukraine.

Kateryna Yasko, psychologist, and together with Mihail Krikunov scientific editor of the Ukrainian translation of The Nordic Secret.

Elena Tochilina, consultant and coach, and very active in Bildung in Ukraine as well as in the Global Bildung Network.

Host: Lene Rachel Andersen

Music by Vansire

Bildung in Ukraine :

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Ukrainian Metamodernity and Music

In this episode we talk about how the war is sparking cultural creativity in Ukraine, and that it is multilayered and metamodern. Here are some examples, some of which are extremely dark but also showing power and the will to defend and fight for freedom. The comments are from Elena Tochilina.

SKOFKA: We won’t forget, and won’t forgive: it’s like the author has given our collective feeling in those first months of the war.
SKOFKA: Hearing the Hymn – carries an image of endurance, will to withstand whatever comes.
YARMAK FT. ALISA – Wild Field; they are using older motives in the melody, but also the images are quite powerful, you can see how they show our ZSU warriors and behind them there’s a cossack warrior. 
Angy Kreida’s song based on Ludmila Gorova’s poem “Enemy, you will have what the witch tells you to” has become one of the hymns of this war both for civilians and for the military. The poem was written when Mariupol was still under attach, heavily bombed, and Azovstal became a stronghold that nobody could comprehend how they are holding on.
Jerry Heil is using a lot of cossack images from a Polish movie based on Henrick Senkevich’s novel  By the fire and sword, layered with footages of our warriors, including Kherson direction. And she’s making a reference to Zaluzhniy, our Commander-in-Chief.
Metamodern Ukraine, Eurovision 2004
Ukrainian history, Eurovision 2016
Metamodern Ukraine, Eurovision 2021
Metamodern Ukraine, Eurovision 2022
Local Ukrainian Eurovision 2023, December 2022, the song did not win but became 2nd

Other Ukrainian Art Related to the War

By Nikita Titov

Elena: Bakhmut – the city which has become a synonym of hell on earth of a resistance for our warriors and several hundred citizens still living in the basements.

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