New Book: Libertism


Grasping the 21st Century

New book by Lene Rachel Andersen

From the Solar system to the interaction of atoms and molecules, and from the cells in our body to the ecosystems that define our life circumstances, humans consist of and are embedded in systems. Some of these systems we can do nothing about, other systems we can design and re-design more or less as we please. Among the latter are the economy and the internet. Between those categories of systems — the ones we cannot change at all, and the ones we can redo comletely — are, of course, systems within systems that we can manipulate to a larger or smaller extent.

The knowledge about which systems we can change and which we cannot, defines our freedoms.

Libertism is a philsophy or ideology that not only points this out, but which also demands of us that we make deliberate choices about how we create for ourselves and maintain the higest degrees of liberty and freedom within and among the systems that define life on our planet.

Besides exploring many of the systems, Libertism: Grasping the 21st Century also explores the freedoms that we cannot afford to lose as we are facing global warming, a rampant technological development, mass-migration, mass-extinction of species, and many other wicked problems.

Libertism: Grasping the 21st Century offers a framework for understanding the challenges systemically and for adressing them from a systems perspective

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