Nordic Bildung wishes everybody

Lene Rachel Andersen

In Nordic Bildung we rarely say it explicitly, but I think many who have joined our events, online or live, have felt it: Nordic Bildung is in the “business” of hope.

There are ways out of the many kinds of mess we are in as a species, and bildung opens a path in each one of us towards a wiser world.

As the president of Nordic Bildung, I would like to thank the many volunteers who have contributed to our activities in the Global Bildung Network, European Bildung Network, North American Bildung Network, Latin American Bildung Network, and in Nordic Bildung itself. Working together with you is both deeply meaningful and a lot of fun!

Since 2020, humanity has seen Australia burning, COVID 19, Taliban return in Afghanistan, the US almost losing its democracy, war in Ukraine, global temperatures rising, mass exstinction of species, and AI progressing exponentially. The good news is that bildung can help us fix it all. And that is why I do believe in humanity and a better 2023.

Below you can see what we have been up to in 2022 and some of our plans for 2023. Among it Nordic Metamodern and our Future Academy. Some of it we give away for free, the rest pays our bills. We hope you will check it out, join us, and share as much as possible.

Around the globe, people are ready for new ways of doing things. When we talk about bildung, we see hope and smiles.

Happy New Year

Lene Rachel Andersen

Nordic Metamodern: podcast and videos

Meet Sergey, Mihail, Kateryna, and Elena who started Bildung in Ukraine before the war and who now train paramedics

Nordic Metamodern is currently sponsored by Tomas Björkman

February-March 2023

We live in overwhelming times, but with a deeper understanding of the structures behind this development we can navigate it better and make wiser decisions.

Global Bildung Days: online journeys around the globe, free of charge!

March 21: program in the making;
don’t forget to sign up!

Videos from around the globe

Videos coming soon…

May 7-9 2023 in Vilnius

What kind of Europe could we be in? What ought to be the role of Europe and Europeans in the world? And what kind of bildung and bildung institutions do we need for that? Locally, nationally, or continentally?

Libertism: Grasping the 21st Century

The English version of the book came out June 23rd, 2022

The Danish version Libertisme, will be out on February 14th, 2023